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Venray, 18 juni 2012

Op Raceway Venray vond tijdens het pinksterweekend een photo-shoot plaats met het Space Power racing team (Kieran Dynes / Marc Stegmeijer) tesamen met foto model Cindy Stensen uit Venlo.

June 2012: Cindy Stensen

My name is: Cindy Stensen, and I’m 20 years old. I was born in The Netherlands in the City of Venlo near the Netherlands/Germany border, about two our drive from Amsterdam.

I grew up with my parents and my brother, who is 5 1/2 years older then me. So you can imagine how protective he was of me! But I appreciate that because I was his little sister. My childhood was very good, we are a normal Dutch family and life has his ups and downs. But it has made me strong and given me a good view on life. Family and friends are important to me.

I was very surprised when Dave Minten from Space Power asked me to model for them! At first I thought it was a joke, but later on I thought why not? It’s a great opportunity for me! It’s a great brand Space Power Energy Drink, and a fast growing company. They are doing a lot in racing which I like also.

Growing up, I went with my father to different races so that was fun for me!

It's a good feeling to work with Space Power on this photo shoot and I’m very excited to represent Carson Racer Magazine! A real Dutch girl in a Las Vegas race magazine, two different worlds together - it’s a challenge for me! It was a great day doing this photo shoot with Space Power and we had a lot of fun.

My Real life job is I work in the fashion business at a store called CoolCat. I’ve been the assistant manager for four years now, and I love my work and the store. You can buy their clothes for parties but also clothes for daily wear.

In my free time I like to dance different styles like Salsa, hip hop and jazz ballet, and I love to sing. And on the weekends I go out with my friends to a bar or disco.

To get my body in shape I do work out, but I like most of all the group lessons: Zumba, She Bam, aerobics and bodypump with weights.

So my week is pretty busy, 50 hours of work, family, sports, and going out. Time is flying!

My future goals are to go further with my modeling career, because I like doing it. So I want to thank Carson Racer Magazine for giving me this opportunity! I also want to start my own business with brand clothes, so I'm working hard and saving money for that. And I meet a lot of people in that so I have connections! I have faith and believe in myself to make it happen. With a little help from God to stay healthy.

On the web: Cindy Stensen on Facebook

Production Coordinator – Dave Minten
Model – Cindy Stensen
Photographer – Sjaak Francken
Makeup Artist – Yvonne Rayer Kleeven
Hair Stylist – Yvonne Rayer Kleeven
Race Team/Drivers – Space Power Racing Team: Kieran Dynes & Marc Stegmeijer
Sponsor – Space Power Energy Drink, Netherlands
Locations - Raceway Venray
Carson Race Magazine - www.carsonracer.com
Thanks to - Space Power Energy Drink

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Raceway Venray
Venray / Ysselsteyn
Peelweg 43

Raceway Venray
Venray / Ysselsteyn
Peelweg 43